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Sex forum part 3

Started by in Forum Rules Do Not Spam : This forum is created to be a place designed for honest discussion so please do not abuse it as your own personal billboard to spam or self-promote Started by in Forum Rules Do Not Spam : You understand that all information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, tags, or other materials herein Started by Geo2 in General : Are there any women out there that wants to talk and get wet with me? Started by curious in General : I would like to meet you. Started by SassyBabyGirl in Oral Sex : Want to be good at it but have strong gag reflex, bought a toy to pratice on but seems to rigid. I bought one made of silicone. Need advice on how to

Post it here for all of us to view! We are here to celebrate the beauty of the human body! Do not post any photos of people engaging in sexual activity. Do not post any photos of people that appear or are under the age of Please use your best judgement!

Jan 08,   This list of Best porn forums will introduce you to some amazing adult sex forums. Check vipergirls, forumophilia, and more. No #2 will surprise you and bring the biggest smile on your face. Welcome to our Sex Forums! Whether you're Curious about kink or just want to get in touch with other like-minded kinksters, this is positive space for ALL adults to chat, share and learn more about sexuality. Please contribute, follow the rules and enjoy yourself. Mar 24,   This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Got it? Search In. All Activity Home Start new topic Forums. Introduce Yourself! Are you new to the forum? Don't be shy, introduce yourself to us! Pre-Sale Questions Have a question for us before you place an order? Please post it here.

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Ask A "Sexpert" This is a great place to ask questions you may not feel comfortable asking your friends. Engagement Stories Alternative Lifestyles Erotic Massage, Meditation, and Deeper Connections This is a place for married couples and couples that are in committed relationships to discuss their unique issues.

The Single Life Some of our members remain single for whatever reason. The Safer Sex Circle Here's a place to share your safe sex tips, questions, comments, debates, or other information. Article Submission Sexy Stories What is your greatest fantasy?

That is what this section is for. Forum Statistics 14, Total Topics. Linda's First Party part 2. A little prelude to this story, my wife recently ran up a crap load of credit card debt to say the least I was pretty pissed so much so I threatened to take away her precious Black Mercedes she begged and pleaded with me not her car anything but. I let her stew telling her I would come up with an appropriate punishment.

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Her girlfriend and I one night over a few beers who totally agreed with me that my wife was out of control with her useless spending. She could spend all the money she wanted on herself her girlfriend no problem, but she has some friends who are to say the least a bunch of freeloaders. The plan was that Barbie was to tell her that she overheard me planning to do this to basically scare the crap out of her. After sobering up we kind of both agreed that as far as a kinky fantasy went it was pretty good but in practicality not a good idea.

Jul 31,   Ask sex experts all you wanted to know about sex. Discover amazing secrets of sex toys. Learn to relax and fully enjoy your sex life. Share your secret desires to Author: Web Merchants, Inc. Fucking Around Sex. Talks here about all kind of sex that do not have special forums at our adult community. Discuss what's fucking going on: sex, girls, masturbation, teen sex forum, pissing and anything on your mind! The Safer Sex Circle Here's a place to share your safe sex tips, questions, comments, debates, or other information. This is NOT a replacement for any medical advice, and this is NOT to be used as a replacement for seeing your doctor.

So, I just told her to handover her cards and come up with a way to start paying down her debt. She agreed to figure something out which she very quickly did which lead to her working Fuck-A-Ware Parties with her friend from the lingerie boutique where she spent enough money that she should have owned the place.

The two returned to the living room when the women spotted her with artificial appendage bouncing with every step she took and acting as a tent pole under her baby doll they were mesmerized, she laughed and said what you ladies never seen a cock before they all giggled as she walked up to them with her cock in her hand and made her way one by one Debbie was giving her sales pitch about how realistic the feel and Linda took one of their hands and placed it on the faux cock so they could feel how realistic it felt and she tugged at it like she was stroking it and pulled at it and said guaranteed not to come off inside your lover whether it be him or her.

This one has a few special option that I will demonstrate She turned and looked at Sue then the rest of the ladies and asked do I have any volunteers?

Adult sex forum

Linda just reached out her hand to Sue her overzealous volunteer smiling saying come on girl you know you want it all the ladies bust out laughing and cheered her on. Her intention was strictly play acting only going through the motions but unknown to Linda, Sue thought better. Linda had her get down on her knees and pushed the rubber cock in her face well this must be the universal signal for women to suck cock. Sue played right along and said yes give it to me fuck me now.

Sue started meeting her thrust by pushing her hips back. The two were in a heated rhythm and Sue was definitely getting into being fucked by a woman in front of all her friends who were now mesmerized by what was happening right before their eyes. Linda decided to slow down to a slow steady rhythm, then she stopped which was not pleasing to Sue at all but as always Linda had a plan. Linda addressed her captivated audience asking do you ladies remember me telling you this bad boy has a few special options, are you ladies ready to see them?

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The drunken lustful bunch of women cheered and said stuff, like hell yes give it to her. Linda casually glanced over at Mellissa who gestured with her eyes and a slight movement of her head to check out the two sitting to her immediate right who both had their hands in the panties obviously enjoying seeing their friend behaving wildly and not caring who was in the room.

Linda patted her on the head and said come on baby let me give you a good fucking. She had Sue lay on her back parallel to the couch were all her friends were seated so they could get a good view, She then took her right leg and lifted it almost straight up as she rubbed the head of the rubber cock on her clit, Well remember those special features ladies, well here is number one and Linda clicked a small switch that was part of the harness that could not be seen under her baby doll.

Linda slipped it in her all the way now still holding her leg up in the air as she fucked her Linda reached out and grabbed a handful of one of her tits, pulling it free from the top of the bustier and began massaging it and pinching her nipples. All of them cheered and started chanting Fuck! She jumped up off the couch and came over and looked at Linda who told her hold her leg for me and feel free to continue. Debbie told my wife later that normally she would have been the one speaking to the group telling them about the special features etc.

This had an overwhelming fantastic effect on Sue, and she leaned her head as far back as she could and closed her eyes and started moaning. The intensity went up equally as much on the clit vibrator and now Linda was now jackhammering her pussy hell bent on making her demonstration partner cum.

Sue started to moan and Linda said are you ready to cum for me baby! Sue screamed out yes! All the ladies were on the edge of their seats or standing to get a better view. Linda slowed down her fucking and a milky fluid was oozing from between the walls of her pussy and the dildo. The girls broke out in a fit of laughter. She then dipped her finger in again and held it out to the girls to taste.

Linda said oh well and went down on her and sucked all of the concoction from her pussy but refrained from licking her clit, as she finished, she got up and helped Sue to her feet and put an arm around her waist, holding her in tight.

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The girls clapped and she was too spent to acknowledge them. She smiled and softly said deal the sooner the better.

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Linda just stopped and looked at Sue and planted a big kiss firmly her mouth and said thank you for being such a good sport, and I meant what I said about private lessons. Sue responded by kissing her on the mouth and slipped her some tongue giggling she asked Linda would you mind?

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Linda looked at her and said would I mind whatSue glanced down at her melons and Linda said hell we were just fucking in front of an audience of course you can sweetie and lifter her baby doll up over her head before she could even get it completely off Sue was licking her tits and sucking on her nipples.

Sue was cupping her tits with her hands and fondling them as she sucked them as hard as she could. Linda you trying to get milk from them laughing. Sue was purring like a kitten, when Linda stopped and said as much as I am enjoying the hell out of this, and lord knows I need it we will need to continue this another time a little later on tonight perhaps. Sue looked at her like a little puppy dog.

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Linda kissed her on the forehead and said I promiseI want us to make love unrestricted and enjoy our time unless you are really an exhibitionist at heart and want to be part of the show laughing. Besides I want you to meet my girlfriend Barb. She said hell this guy in my neighborhood wanted fucked me in his pool today before I came here. Linda then reached into the garment bag and pulled out her final costume a black leather corset with metal studs all over it that barely supported her massive tits but the tops and her nipples were fully exposed between her melons was a gold chain with a small gold cock hanging from it she donned a pair leather panties but when she tried them on, they fit too snug for her to be comfortable so she tossed them on the bed.

If there is one thing my wife excels at is improvising. Her new friend Sue was just coming out of the shower and she took one look at Linda and said OH! Started by Calinative71 in Sex Forum-What's on your mind? My husband is no longer interested in having sex with me,8 years since Started by Knowwhatilike in General : Am I the only 57 year old female that absolutely loves, and masturbates and climaxes Multiple!

Multiple times to older men gay porn?

Mar 24,   Hello, New users on the forum won't be able to send PM untill certain criteria are met (you need to have at least 6 posts in any sub forum). One more important message - Do not answer to people pretending to be from xnxx team or a member of the staff. Mar 24,   Discuss Love and Sex in their many manifestations. Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. Home Forums > Hip Arts and Culture > Love and Sex. Discuss Love and Sex in their many manifestations. Erotica Post up erotic stories and images. This forum is for site supporters who are 18 years or older. Discussions: 1, Messages: 54, Sub-Forums: 1. Mar 21,   Hello, New users on the forum won't be able to send PM untill certain criteria are met (you need to have at least 6 posts in any sub forum). One more important message - Do not answer to people pretending to be from xnxx team or a member of the staff.

Started by Underweartrucker in General : Everyone post your Snapchat username. I share my hot nudes on snapchat. My name is showmyundies on Snapchat. Started by PrincessKLS in Intimate Shaving : But lately I've been leaving behind a little tuft in the labial folds because shaving it makes me nervous but I want to get all of it.

How do I do Started by Tabu Toypro in Masturbation : JackinWorld's " techniques " section is categorized into 3 parts the basicsfavorite variations and jackin expert collection and Would always hear him talking Newbie here.

Just an average blue collar guy with a secret bi side looking for fun and friendship. Note: Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

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Please contribute, follow the rules and enjoy yourself.

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