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Remarkable, very anal plug story would

Intro/A Man and His Butt Plug

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I am eager to master the milking technique before our honeymoon, however Peter informs me that he has a separate surprise for me! Report Story. Title your feedback:. If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box:. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters. Send feedback. Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark.

A pleasant ass obsession. by now my ass has got to be stretched out enough to fit my boyfriend and anything else he can think of. for about six weeks I have been letting peter make my ass "ready". Oct 15,   Butt plugs can be fun for anyone, but you have to know how to use them. Check out these anal play tips and explore some of our top butt plug product recommendations. Read First time with an anal plug - Free Sex Story on! I've always enjoyed 'first time' stories, so I thought for my first story I would tell one about one of my best.

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Butt plugs are great sex toys, if you know how to use them properly. If not, you could end up with your own anal horror story! Let these be a Rebecca Jane Stokes. A young woman tries to get her lover's forgiveness. An average evening at the Wilder's: No ass left unstretched. After cumming IN the closet, Maddie tries it alone. He surrenders to her control. Larua and Amanda digress a little before punishment begins. and other exciting erotic at! May 08,   Tags: anal plug, butt plug, menage a trois, dominatrix, spanking, naughty girl, erotic story, sexy fantasy Contributing Authors: ChrisM While directing his ladies in punishment& sexual maneuvers, all three get turned on/5(15).

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'butt plug' stories

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After I started to come down from the high of cumming like that, he slowly slid his hand out of me. Placing the lotion on the nightstand, I lean over the bed stretching to grab the towel and as I do I hear a slight moan from you standing behind me.

You reach out and grab my ass with your right hand while pushing me over onto the bed with your left. I hear you let out another moan just as I feel your tongue travel the length of my ass crack. You spend some serious time working your tongue into my ass, licking it, fucking it, and working me over like I do to you when I eat your pussy.

My cock pushing into your throat, my balls covering your chin, you reach around and pull the plug out of my ass. During the week after their first session in the punishment room, Taunus reviewed Kharon's dossier.

Just Sayin' - Jennifer Lawrence's Butt Plug Confession on Conan

Taunus enters the punishment room and sees Kharon. Taunus removes the oversize ball gag and rapes Kharon's sore lips with a passionate kiss.

Anal plug story

Despite the soreness induced by the ball gag, Kharon manages to gingerly French kiss Taunus. Kharon begs: "May a girl cum, Sir? Taunus: The girl that Mr Spike set me up with, Kharon? After going through my e-mails this morning I went my bedroom and get out my butt plug and my girlfriend 8' dildo and went in the bathroom I poured myself a bath I got inside the tub to the bars soap in working in my ass, this is not the first time I've done this after working the soap and cleaning myself out I inserted the butt plug and my cum started to run out, it felt so good I was even licking my pre-cum.

To be very honest with you right now I've got my butt plug in my ass and I'm jerking off while I'm writing this in the commish is running out for me in wishing somebody was doing me. Every Wednesday Susan and I would engage in anal sex in the office. I lifted Susan's dress up and draped it over her back baring her stocking encased shapely legs and her panty covered curvy ass. I slowly fucked her ass letting my cock go a little deeper each time.

I held her lovely ass in my hands as I fucked it slowly never wanting it to end. I pulled my cock from Susan's ass and aimed it at her anus and buttocks. I continued to fuck Susan slowly and she continued to milk my cock dry until I softened and slipped from her ass.

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However good our weekend sex was I still looked forward to every Wednesday and our anal encounter in the office. My husband's history on the site showed he was most interested in stories relating to the use of butt plugs and an act called "pegging. My husband was obviously very interested in this because there were at least a dozen different stories revolving around a butt plug stimulating a man's prostate.

As the story went on Peggy reached behind Randy's butt the next time they made love, and wiggled her fingers on the butt plug he was wearing.

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Each time I stroked the ribbed part wiggled against my clitty, the bulb pushed into my g-spot and the act of jacking myself off in front of my husband was causing me another mini-orgasm. I leaned forward and after Peter had removed his huge erection from his pants, he kissed my ass cheeks gently and massaged my soft flesh.

I love having control over your sweet tight body. My wide stance on the chair spread open my bald pink pussy and showed clearly where my boss' hand was tickling my clitoris to orgasm, surrounding my dripping spunk from repeated use and abuse by Peter.

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Some of my boss' precious cream shone obviously on my soft inner thighs as my boyfriend looked on, but I knew plenty was also stored up inside my clenching ass canal for future erotic fun. Although he knew it was not her favorite thing to do, Jared always looked forward to these special occasions that allowed him entrance into Sybil's back door.

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But through it all, all he could think about was the butt plug inside his wife's tight ass Not only had his wife been walking around the office all week with a piece of rubber only slightly smaller than his cock up her ass, she had actually purchased an enema kit? I too out the plug and used the Since we weren't rushed, and had so much time to do everything, and with Mistress being happy with the way I took her first buttplug admission, we took our time as nurse and mistress dressed me to look like a passable colege girl, with tight jeans that hugged and shaped my ass, and a t-shirt that had a very femininne look, with my makeup already done she touched me up a little bit and told nurse to prepare things while we were gone.

A few times mistress gave me advice on how to walk more aluring, but said I was doing a great job, and with the huge buttplug up my ass, and the 3 inch heels on my cowgirl boots did a good job of helping me to hold my posture correctly. The shop girl was talking the whole time, "We have to get you a butt plug and lube," she said.

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