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Internal Structure of Anal Canal - Anatomy

Men and women have very similar anal structures. The anatomical cts of the butt which are not completely paralleled in the opposite sex have counterparts that are located and stimulated comparably. Because our asses are relatively identical, we all can enjoy the same kind of stimulation and reach similar levels of pleasure during anal play. The physical structure predominantly stimulated during anal sex involves the anal canal and the rectum. The anal canal is roughly two inches long, depending on the person, and is made up of the external and the internal sphincters. The external sphincter anus or asshole is the outermost muscular ring and has an outside appearance covered by folded skin; giving its puckered look. Not far beyond the anus lies the internal sphincter leading into the rectum.

Anatomy of anal

The work out plan for the PC muscles is known as Kegel exercises. Both the P-Spot and the G-Spot refer to the locations where we can actually stimulate the tissue around the glands which produce ejaculatory fluid in men and women. Many people use these terms in reference to the prostate and paraurethral glands themselves; this is technically incorrect but widely accepted.

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The prostate is the most ignored source of sexual pleasure in men and what a shame this is because the sensations created by the P-Spot are potentially mind blowing and very different from penile pleasure. This walnut-sized gland is found in men only; in women it is referred to as the Skene's or paraurethral gland located in the urethral sponge.

The prostate rests just in front of the rectum and just below the bladder; wrapped around the urethra. Its function is to produce fluid to help ejaculation, the prostate swells with the fluid during arousal.

This white-ish clear fluid is made to lubricate the movement of sperm and protect it from any acidic urine left in the urethra.

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The prostate is often ignored due to fear of anal penetration, but it can be stimulated indirectly by massaging the perineum. Pressing firmly against this spot during other forms of stimulation is a Tantric sexual technique that has caused many a man to twitch with pleasure. Perhaps you want direct prostatic stimulation; you can manipulate this sensitive spot by making a "come here" motion with the index finger against the front wall of the rectum inches past the sphincters.

Basic Anal/Rectal Anatomy & Physiology

The prostate will have a spongy texture when a man is aroused, which will make it distinctly different within the rectal wall. The prostate has been called the "Male G-Spot" because its point of stimulation in the rectum is analogous to the G-Spot's location in the vagina and the G-Spot serves a similar physiological purpose.

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G-Spot is short for Grafenberg spot, but the more anatomically correct name for this piece of female genitalia is paraurethral sponge.

This erectile tissue is located just behind the pubic bone and, like the prostate, just below the bladder, surrounding the urethra. One of its functions is creating a buffer zone of spongy tissue to protect the urethra during vaginal penetration.

The anal canal is about a " long channel that is controlled by two muscles, one at either end. On the outside is your anus (asshole) which is kept closed by your external sphincter muscle. This is the muscle that you can tighten and loosen by pulling in or pushing out like you would when you take a shit. One other quick note about the anatomy of this area. The anal canal itself is about one to one and a half inches long. When you examine the way butt plugs and other anal toys are designed (with a "neck" to them), you can understand why they are made the way they are. Finally, you should note that anuses are the same in men and women.

The G-Spot can be stimulated directly by pressing firmly on the roof of the vagina, about inches behind the vaginal opening. The G-Spot surface inside the vagina ranges from the size of a dime to the size of a half dollar, depending on the woman. During arousal the area swells with fluid and has a distinctly different texture from the rest of the vaginal tissue.

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The G-Spot can be indirectly stimulated by anal penetration. In most people, the rectum is between four and six inches deep.

The anal canal acts as a gateway into, or out of, the rectum. The rectum is a tube about inches long that leads from the colon (large intestine) to the anus. The rectum is not a straight tube; in a cross section of the pelvis, the rectum's curvature with the coccyx (tailbone) looks . Anus Tests Physical examination: A doctor may inspect the outside of the anus, Sigmoidoscopy: An endoscope (flexible tube with a lighted camera on its tip) is inserted into Colonoscopy: An endoscope is inserted into the anus, and the entire colon is viewed to look Fistulography. There are two sphincter muscles: an internal sphincter muscle, which can be felt as a muscular ring, beyond which is the rectum; and an external sphincter muscle. The upper portion of the anus, or that part that connects to the rectum, is known as the squamocolumnar junction.

Its primary purpose is to serve as a holding chamber for feces just prior to its evacuation from your body. Under normal circumstances, the rectum is devoid of any significant material. When the lower colon releases feces into the rectum, it expands, triggering the feeling of needing to go to the bathroom.

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This process is often assisted through the purposeful contraction of the abdominal muscles to assist in the evacuation of the rectum. The walls of the rectum are very vascular and hold a large number of blood vessels. This vascularity also makes damage to the rectum much easier as well, and this can provide a robust route for the introduction of diseases.

More on this in the next module.

Muscular Structure:

At the end of the rectum opposite the anus, the rectum attaches to the sigmoid colon. The colon is closed off from the rectum itself by a kink, or degree bend until you squat to take a dump, at which time the pelvic floor sinks allowing that bend to unkink and the contents to move outward.

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With some practice, you can penetrate the colon if the rectum is not deep enough to accommodate a longer penis, toy, or other foreign object. Finally, as with anuses, rectums are identical between men and women. This is also the part that most needs lube to reduce the friction so it doesn't get sore. Once you are past these two muscles, you are in the rectum rectal cavity. Rectum rectal cavity Your rectum is a delicate pouch lined with many muscles but few nerve endings.

It's about the size of a small human fist. However, the pouch can get smaller shorter if the person is nervous or tense thus tensing their muscles. The rectum is normally large enough to accommodate an object that is inches long measured from the asshole to the back of the rectum.

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Like a pouch, the rectum can stretch a little longer by getting less wide. With experience you begin to feel these as pleasant sensations. In a standing person, the rectum goes up at an angle from the asshole.

Inflexible objects that follow the canal straight in often hit the back wall of the rectum without getting very far in.

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Objects that are flexible such as a penis will bend and go up into the full length of the rectum to it's constriction at the rectal valves. Rectal Valves The other end of the rectum is closed off by the rectal valves. They are not really "valves" but simply folds where the pubo-rectal sling muscles pull the rectum shut.

Anal Canal - Sphincters - Introduction - Anatomy

Most people have 3 or 4 of these. When you are relaxed these can open to an object pressing on them, when you are tense, they remain tight and will resist allowing an object to pass.

Objects moving past these valves creates yet another pleasant sensation. Under controlled tension, the rectum becomes compressed and even shorter objects inches go up into this area where the rectum joins the large colon at the bend.

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The length of this area varies greatly from person to person. This accounts in the variations between the size objects that people can put into their rectum before they hit the limit at the bend in the colon. Some people enjoy objects pressing on their colon wall at the bend, for many people however, this creates a painful experience. Bend in Large Colon At some point the colon makes a 90 degree turn and heads horizontally across the body before turning again and heading back down.

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