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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 7/26/12 Ariel Tweto

She has a sister, Alya Tweto. Her parents met when her dad was in Alaska as a professional hockey player, trying to create interest in the game. He met and fell in love with her mother, and they later went into the aviation business, Era Alaska. She became famous in an incident in which she asks about a pole she cannot see yet it is right in front of her. The interest shown by audiences in the young girl leads the directors to approach the Tweto family to do a reality show about their lives, deep in the Alaskan wilderness.

If you see something that doesn't look right on this page, please do inform us using the form below:. Title of the issue. Skip to content. How Old Is Ariel Tweto? Ariel Tweto Birthday Ariel Tweto was born on and is 33 years old now.

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KAZ21, you are quick to point out what you perceive as a medical diagnosis with out valid proof of what you think is real. I am a private pilot and I have known other pilots who have ADD and are flying right now in Medication controls, or helps control this diagnosis. What you should be doing is celebrating her ability to become a private pilot in a land that is harsh and difficult to navigate even on a good day.

One should not be so quick to judge, or point out something that is not proven. Other people can be harsh and quick to judge other peoples success.

Do you not think that if her ADD was in fact indicated that she would have gone onto fly?

Ariel tweto ass

Maybe that is why she is so hyper all the time. But she is a fun hyper. Kept her wits together when flying. Loved to see her on Late Night TV. I would really like to know what you suffer from mate? You must be so far up your own jacksie, you cannot see the wood for the trees! He and his wife have done an awesome job raising the kids and he should protect what they have together!!

Ariel Tweto Bio: Married, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Accident

She made me a dirty old man. The program is still available in reruns on the Quest channel on broadcast TV. As a private pilot and the son of a CFI, I was born to fly.

Most cable and satellite systems do not broadcast Quest. Check your local listings for times and days. My husband and I were quite fond of Ariel.

We thourghly enjoyed Flying Wild Alaska.

Miss this show so much, They really need to bring it back and get rid of that stupid Alaska Bush people. Both were great shows to watch, especially after my Alaska-Yukon visit in June. I loved watching Ariel. Even before she got her wings as a pilot I thought she already was an angel.

What a beautiful and positive young lady. Alaska looks amazing. In South Africa, we never get snow in the cities.

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I enjoyed the shows and God bless them all. I miss this show. It is very educational to learn what it takes to survive in the remote areas in the world. My hats off to the pilots that have to fly in those windy, snowy, freezing conditions. ADD is another crock of lies perpetuated by the psychologists and pharmacy companies. We need far less psychologists and far less drugs.

Ariel: The world is great with people like you living life to its fullest, which in turn, inspires many other people throughout the world to do the same!!

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Keep smiling and keep being the wonderful, fun loving person you are forever and day! Does anyone know all seasons are available on DVD and where I can get them? Amazon Only Has Season 1.

Their success as a family, and in business should be applauded and studied.

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Thanks to the Twetos for sharing. Never had cable. The series warms my heart due to my grandmother being born in Unalakleet in while her father from Norway was running a NCC trading post and roadhouse for those traveling by dogsled. He did this when not doing survey work or mining near Nome. Her mother was the daughter of a Russian prince who stayed in Alaska after it was purchased from Russia.

Watch Ariel Tweto - Pics at! She is on "Flying Wild Alaska" Friday nights on Discovery. And she is so cute!. 2, ariel tweto FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search.

It is exciting for me to see the areas where the family lived. They also lived in St Michael where they had family. Many thanks to the Tweto family and friends for letting us in on their world.

Ariel is a beautiful, sweet, down to earth product of her environment and hard-working, wonderful parents. Your rather bizarre assessment of her leaves the rest of us wondering what sort of strange axe to grind you possess where she is concerned.

Perhaps you should focus on your own goals and aspirations as opposed to pretending you have some sort of insight into the imperfections of celebrities who you have no personal relationship with.

And to the dirty old men? I have been watching this show since it first arrived here in texas. The Alaskan scenery is gorgeous, and the flying is nice. To help. She is a beautiful girl, obviously smart and talented, and is a great shame that the effect is utterly ruined the instant she opens her mouth.!

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This is not an uncommon problem, especially for young women that have been raised in isolated villages wher1e there is little, if any exposure to mainstream patterns of speech.

The hollywood types who must certainly be around helping with the technical cts of the show, could certainly steer her towards a good speech coach - and she should take advantage of it, sooner, rather than later.

That shrill, whiny tone will not serve her well as an adult in show business. I too loved the show, the family, and especially Ariel! I would love to fly with her and explore Alaska.

Meet Ariel Tweto - Flying Wild Alaska

Now if I could just shed sixty or so years maybe I could take the cold better. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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