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Azula [Somebody That I Used To Know]

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She knows human nature well enough to not even be surprised when her plans turn out well. For example, there is the scene where Mai and Ty Lee are outside of the palace talking very loudly about how they are actually Fire Nation citizens disguised as Kyoshi Warriors.

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Loud enough for a few Dai Li agents nearby to overhear this, and that they need the Avatar. Naturally, the Dai Li scamper off like giddy schoolgirls to tell on them. And this is just what Azula wanted. His attempt to double cross Azula is an embarrassing failure.

His Dai Li agents are no longer on his side, but on the side of the clearly more powerful and more persuasive Azula.

Chapter Thirty-Nine and Forty: "The Guru" and "The Crossroads of Destiny"

Before moving on, I have to ask: what exactly is going on between her and Ty Lee? She takes every opportunity to tell Azula how much she admires her confidence and her plans. I refuse to believe this is just clumsy writing: either Ty Lee is forcibly brown nosing to save her own life or her admiration is more like attraction.

Poor kid. However, he gets her to lighten up when he learns that have something in common: neither of them has a mother thanks to the Fire Nation.

Unfortunately, before they can bond any further, Aang and Iroh arrive to rescue them. What will he do? Aside from the problems I said I had with this bit, the entire subplot involving chakra is wonderful. In fact, it might just be my favorite part of the entire finale. Guru Pathik is right: it is an intense experience.

But push on Aang does, as he comes to terms with the fact that he is the Avatar, he has made mistakes in the past, and that his love for Katara is a very positive factor in his life. That is, until we get to the final chakra, in which all Earthly attachments-including love-must be abandoned.

This is, in my opinion, the best last-act sequence in the series. Every blow, every injury, every burn, every twist, etc. Sorry, Katara. And we all know what happens next: Aang goes into the Avatar State and promptly gets shot in the back with lightning by Azula. Yes, in my mind, Katara is the most significant player in the events of the Book Two finale.

Mar 25, on the azula-tay lee relationship i always saw it as tay lee being azulas lackey think bout it when she was a kid her parents must have always told her to be on the firelords daugther good side, she grew up being used to sucking up to her either of fear of azula herself (perfectly understandable), of her loyal status or simply of being shuned. Posted on Score: 5 (vote Up) (Report as spam) You know, all this Azula/Ozai porn is like a weird backstory to why Azula is such an insane bitch. Incest. Don't do it. You create fucked up . Follow/Fav Pieces of My Mind. By: pounce if a sign was given. To my right Mai, guarded and watchful. I, of course, was leading them, a half pace ahead. Azula, Princess of the Fire Nation, me. Probably more dangerous than me, and what sort of fucked up world had people more lethal than a lightning-wielding pyro with daddy issues and a.

Because she pretty is the reason nearly everything goes wrong. And then she has the nerve to tell Zuko what a horrible person he is!

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How dare you! After all, she did lighten up when she learned Zuko lost his mother, too. The same water she would have used earlier to potentially rid Zuko of his scar forever. In Conclusion. Did I forget to mention that these are two of the best looking episodes in the series? The visuals are magnificent. All screenshots courtesy of piandao. This entry was posted on March 25, by Marshall Turner. It was filed under Book Two: The Pene Absolutus Season and was tagged with bestbook twochaptercrossroadsdestinyearthfortygurunineteenofpene absolutusseasonthirty-ninetwenty.

Not particularly related to the question of wisdom, but interesting to note.

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But looking back, these currents have always been opposed. Iroh encouraged Zuko to find and make peace with oneself, and to shape his own destiny.

This has a lot to do with the transitions Aang and Zuko go through, Zuko being portentous and aggressive, and Aang being infantile and cowardly, and how they must tone down their extreme characteristics in order to be whole. You say that Iroh is wrong, because by choosing his path, Aang jeopardized himself and his friends.

But look at Iroh himself. A widower, his son dead, and his birthright stolen, and yet he is happy. And look at Roku, who, despite a wife and children, led a sad, lonely life, followed by a century of regret. Perhaps the wisdom of Iroh, a man of sixty-something years living in the present day, having experienced the pleasures of a simple life, is more valid.

Aang did not fail to open the last Chakra. He was in the process of it, as him being bathed by the purple light of the Avatar Spirit showed, but chose to abandon it when he saw Katara was in danger. Also, abandoning the last Chakra was not typical airbending tactics of avoiding confrontation. He had no idea what would happen in Ba Sing Se if he could not arrive back in time, and made a snap decision.

Both choices had consequences. Regarding Aang and the seventh chakra, it really, really bothered me how Katara was his only earthly attachment.

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You know his close companion since childhood, last remaining remnant of the Air Nomads. Also, what about the rest of the Gaang? The love interest is always way more important than everyone else even over other longer close relationships.

What I just mentioned as well as your point about Aang going through the chakras so fast were my only real problems with these episodes. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Giving a blowjob while tied to the bed.

Azula grabbed Zuko cock and pulled it out of her before projectile squirting her cum all over it. This caused Azula to scream louder than before, "SHUT UP, WHORE", Zuko screamed before shoving his juice covered member into Azula's drooling mouth, making the screams more muffled than before. To Zuko's surprise, Azula began to suck on his cock. "This is just so fucked up and nuts." Zuko said. If Galron was right, even right now Mai would be in his SISTER. Zuko felt his belly chur and barely kept from up chucking. The smell was getting worse by the second and while Mai wanted to humiliate Azula, she had NO intention of being in the room as that smelly diapers were opened. Jan 25, In essence, there's info we're missing to make full sense of what about Azula sets them off so, Iroh accidentally fucked up, and Azula is now in a life or death fight. Fleeing does not appear to be possible due to the dragons being able to fly better and faster than us.

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Feb 03, Azula levels of fucked up. The world is doing a reaaalllllly bad job at making the Fire Nation look like the bad guy and a really good job at showing that the world might not be worth saving. Hectonkhyres, Feb 3, # Boardgamer88, useless, Cthulu and 1 other person like this. So I made a poll, asking what people wanted in this series. Then I thought, nah fuck that, so I'm making my own storyline (? ?? ?) (F/N)'s Point of View The people of the Earth Kingdom were ecstatic to hear that the Avatar, after one hundred long years, had finally returned to . -Avatar the Last Airbender Following their rampage of fun at the house party Zuko, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai decided to cap off the night back at the summer home with a bottle of wine. From goading Zuko into drinking so he can compete with Azula to having a drunken Fire Prince open up about his honest feelings of .

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