Half-Year Check-Up

Half-Year Check-Up

EP11. SUMMER SPECIAL. In this episode I invite you to do a half-year check-up focusing on both LIFE and BUSINESS. I created these specific questions to help you be mindful of the way you live and to look at your life with open eyes. These questions are asked with love, and the intention is to guide you to stay on track with your life purpose.

A dream life is rarely something that just magically appears. If you want to live your best life, you got to get out of your comfort zone and ask yourself some hard questions. You got to get comfortable with the uncomfortable questions, and you got to challenge yourself to answer truthfully.

Your dreams, goals, and desires are not living inside of you just to live inside of you. If you feel a burn in your chest if you feel a desire in your gut if you have a big dream. You owe it to yourself to put it out there. To do everything in your power to honor your mind and body and follow that dream. When you breathe life into your desires you breathe happiness into you.


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