Loupedeck Unboxing and Review

Loupedeck Unboxing and Review

We’re always excited to learn about new ways to speed up our photo editing workflow AND improve the quality of our photos – so we were super excited to learn about Loupedeck. Loupedeck is a special special keyboard for Lightroom that put’s the essential adjustment sliders and controls right at your fingertips.

Loupedeck Details

The Loupedeck is a custom designed keyboard for Adobe Lightroom.

Using dials, buttons, and a control wheel you’ll be able to more quickly edit your photos and with greater precision (compared to using a mouse to control adjustment sliders)

Loupedeck is made for Lightroom 6/CC and is compatible with Mac or PC.

Loupedeck Unboxing Video:

Loupedeck Full Review Video:

What we liked about Loupedeck:

✔︎ Faster editing!
✔︎ Easier to keep your eyes on the image during editing
✔︎ Build Quality
✔︎ Layout was pretty good
✔︎ No noticeable lag

What could be improved:

✘ There’s no “Previous” button
✘ Didn’t like the before/after mode (we use the backslash key)
✘ Minor glitches (crop/brush tools don’t always close)
✘ Cord channel under keyboard doesn’t hold the cord well
✘ Custom Programming is limited

Where to buy Loupedeck

You can buy directly from Loupedeck (€369), or through B&H Photo ($299USD).

Final Thoughts

If you’re a professional photographer the cost of the Loupedeck is almost certainly worth $299 price. The amount of time you’ll save editing photos is worth the cost alone. Then add on the greater precision you’re able to edit photos with and it’s a no brainer.

If you’re a hobbyist the decision is a bit more difficult. You don’t absolutely need a Loupedeck in order to edit your photos, but I think you’ll enjoy the process a lot more. It’s also worth considering the cost of the Loupedeck in context with other photographer gear. Most cheap lenses cost more than $300 – and wouldn’t improve your photos as much as the Loupedeck. I would say if you spend more than a couple hours a week editing photos then the Loupedeck is probably worth it for you.


Published at Tue, 22 Aug 2017 18:53:06 +0000